Speed of the healing process

A doctor’s pill can sometimes work wonders. Within half an hour the headache is gone or the eczema has subsided. Moreover, as a patient, you usually don’t have to do (or stop doing) anything; just swallow or apply and you’re done.

You should not expect that from a therapeutic consultation. Sometimes rapid or almost miraculous healings are possible, but most of the time it involves a healing process of weeks or months. The moment your body is made aware of the underlying problems, the complaint may even get worse temporarily.

In addition, a change in lifestyle is often requested. This can be an adjustment in the diet, but sometimes a behavioral pattern or your workload can also be the cause of the complaint and it must be adjusted or reduced.

So you have to do something for it yourself and the healing often happens slowly (with ups and downs). In other words: don’t expect miracles. A rule of thumb is that for every year that you have had the complaint, you have to charge a month to get rid of it.

Duration of the treatment process at Hands on Therapies

You should generally assume a minimum of three treatments with an interval of approximately four to six weeks. It is of course dependent on the complaint how often and for how long treatment is necessary.