What can be cured?

I would love to offer a comprehensive list of the conditions that complementary medicine can influence. However, this is pointless because it is ultimately about the cause of the complaint and not about the symptoms (which are referred to by regular medicine).

For example, if you have walking complaint due to the amputation of your leg, a complete cure is, in my opinion, impossible. However, if the walking complaint arises due to a blood flow problem, a disturbance in your mineral balance, a pressure phenomenon in your lower abdomen, a pinched nerve or something similar, treatment and healing are indeed possible.

The same reasoning also applies to repeated ear infections, diabetes, allergies, cramps, high blood pressure, changing stools or chronic diarrhea.

You can contact me by telephone or mail if you have questions about the possibility of treating your complaints. Otherwise this will be discussed during the first consultation.

A rule of thumb: if a body function has been removed, is irreversibly worn or atrophied due to long-term illness or surgery (kidney, gallbladder, hip joints, thyroid gland, islets of Langerhans, etc.), the function cannot be restored and you cannot expect complete recovery. On the other hand, support or optimising comfort might still be possible.

Does the complaint go away completely?

This is difficult to answer, since it is the cause of your complaint that determines the results. Often full healing is possible and the complaint will not return for the rest of your life.

However, it can also be the case that the complaint becomes more manageable and therefore more bearable. If you continue with your harmful habit, the complaint may even return. The choice is yours.

This also applies to long-term problems or age related heath issues. Pain and discomfort can often be relieved, but bear in mind that not all complaints can be completely eliminated.