Why choose for complementary therapy?


As a child we all go through the “why” phase. “Why is it raining?” “Why do I have to go to bed?” As adults, we also use this question: “Why don’t I get a promotion”, “Why does the entire engine have to be replaced”, “Why does this device cost much more here? ? ”It is a healthy attitude that leads to better results, brings new insights and enables personal growth.

In my opinion it is important to be critical and assertive. Strangely enough, this attitude often stops when we visit a doctor. Why do I have asthma, eczema, headache or a sleep disorder? These questions are rarely asked and often remain unanswered.

Symptom control

The consequence of this is that the complaints (the symptoms) are often seen as the problem. This is a shame, because often the complaint is an indication of the cause; the underlying problem. By only treating the symptoms, the underlying complaint / illness can often spread further. In other words, you mop with the tap open. The symptoms disappear temporarily or are suppressed by a chronic use of medication. This usually works well for a long time, but can possibly lead to pathology or what they call; age related diseases. After all, the underlying, actual illness has never been treated.

Holistic health vision

The holistic health vision means that the entire body in all its forms of expression (body, nerves, organs, blood vessels, posture, load, nutrition, behavior / psyche and the like) is considered while trying to understand the composition of your complaint. In practice it means looking for the underlying cause of your symptoms. Healing according to this view can bring about a permanent improvement and thus prevent age related diseases and improve the quality of life.