My mobile phone is: 06-2001 9419 (also for SMS). You can also contact me by e-mail:

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Intake procedure

For the first consultation you can download a form on which you can enter your complaint and heath history. Do this as extensively as possible. Sometimes the indication for a cure lies in a detail or it appears that your complaint already started in your youth.

There are two ways to complete the intake form. By clicking on the link, you can transfer the PDF form to your computer, print it and complete it manually. Or you can download the Microsoft Word version and complete and return the form on the computer.

The PDF version

Click on the link below to transfer the PDF version of the form to your computer. Print it out and complete the form manually. You can then take the form with you or send it to Hands On Therapies. You can find the address details on the form.

Download the intake form in PDF format.

The Microsoft Word version

Click on the link below to transfer the Microsoft Word version to your computer. Open the form with Microsoft Word and complete the form on the computer. Click on a field, (between the square brackets []) if you want to enter data. You can then use the Tab key to reach the following input fields. This version cannot indicate scars and complaint regions on page 1.

Some questions, marked with an asterisk (*), are multiple choice. Click on the text “make a choice …” to see the input options. Then click on the selection that applies to you. You can then use the Tab key to go to the next input location, or click on the following input field.

You can email this form back to, so that I can prepare for the first consultation in advance. Of course you can also print the form and take it to the first consultation.

Download the intake form in Word format


The cost of a consultation is 98.00 euros. The treatment lasts approximately one hour. Ask your insurer about the reimbursement of the treatment (I am affiliated with the necessary professional organizations). I am also registered with the Chamber of Commerce (no. 34110454) and I am a member of the RBCZ for the disciplinary and complaint law.

Working hours

The official working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm. For emergencies or in my absence, you can also contact the Integral Medical Center (IMC) 020-682 7788.


In addition to the Dutch language, it is also possible to receive help in German or English.
Es wird auch Deutsch gesprochen / the therapist speaks English, German and Dutch.