Privacy Statement

Our privacy statement

For proper treatment, it is necessary to compile a file for each patient. The file contains notes about his/her condition, information about the treatments performed and possibly reports of examinations. Data is also included that has been requested elsewhere, for example from his / her doctor, with his / her permission.

Conversely, data from the file can be provided to other healthcare providers. This does not happen if he/she expresses objections. The data can also be used by an observer or for consultation with another therapist.

A limited number of data from the file is used for financial administration.

Information from the file is also provided to others if required by law.

Data security Practice ensures that the data is stored securely, that it is not lost and does not fall into unauthorized hands. Only persons directly involved in the treatment have access to the data. They only have access to the information in the file that is necessary for their task. These persons are of course obliged to maintain confidentiality.

Retention period

The general retention period for the data is fifteen years. It may happen that the data has to be kept longer, for example because this is important for long-term or recurring treatments. The initiative for longer storage can also come from the patient.

Right to inspect, copy, correct, supplement and shield

The patient has the right to view his / her data and can request a (photo) copy of the data. If the patient is of the opinion that the data in his / her file are substantively incorrect, he / she can ask to be corrected. He / she can also request a (supplementary) statement issued