Welcome to the Hands On Therapies site. On this site you can find information about the complementary treatment options that are given.

Hands On Therapies is owned by Herman G. Pohle. The practice, located in the heart of Amsterdam (250 meters from Central Station), focuses on almost all chronic conditions that have not yet been completely derailed.

Who is it for?

The treatments are suitable for almost all chronic complaints (complaints that last longer than two weeks) or complaints that keep coming back. A “second opinion” is also possible. This makes it possible to easily discuss your complaints.

More value for money

A complaint is generally resolved by improving general health. This has the added advantage that it is possible that not only your main complaint will be resolved to a greater or lesser extent, but that your overall health will also improve. An unpleasant body odor, fungi or headache can disappear as a side effect of the treatment.

The treatments also aim for a permanent improvement. This is usually achieved with cheap means and / or the omission of a harmful nutrient. In the longer term you can therefore save money and I am not even talking about the costs of regular medicines, nutritional supplements or lost working hours …